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The banking and financial segment, NBFCs grew by 15.5 per cent in Financial Year (FY) 2016-17 as against 9.1 per cent growth in FY 2015-16.Highlighting this growing significance of NBFCs, we are Hosting the NBFC Summit and Awards. The Summit will cover the factors affecting the rapid growth and upcoming opportunities within the NBFCs, specifically in the Southern part of the country.Thisconglomeration will assimilate the who's who from the NBFC sector across India.


  • Best CSR Initiative
  • Outstanding Contribution to Banking
  • Best Loan Provider
  • Best Public Bank
  • Best Fastest Growing Bank
  • Best Customer Loyalty Programme
  • Best Depository Participant of the Year
  • Best Private Bank
  • Best Bank in Rural Category
  • Best Banking Group

  • Best Trade Finance Bank
  • Best Customer Service Bank
  • Banks' with maximum ATMs
  • Best Forex Bank
  • Best Foreign Retail Bank
  • Best SME Bank
  • Best Internet Banking Services
  • Best Co-operative Bank
  • Best Marketing Innovator
  • Best Micro Finance Bank

  • Best BancassuranceCompany
  • Best Foreign Bank
  • Best Wealth Management Bank
  • Best Fastest Growing Commercial Bank
  • Best Technology Bank
  • Best Mobile Banking
  • Best Retail Bank
  • Best Investment Bank
  • Best Corporate Bank
  • Best Credit Card Provider


  • Best health Insurance Company
  • Best Customer Service Insurance
  • Insurance Brand Campaign of the Year

  • Best Life Insurance Company
  • Best Marketing Innovator
  • Best TPA Company

  • Best Credit Insurance Provider
  • Best Fastest Growing Insurance Company
  • Best General Insurance Company


  • Most Innovative Use of Data – Broker
  • National Broker of the Year
  • Best Performing National Financial Advisor – Equity Broker
  • Best Marketing Innovator

  • Best Institutional Broker
  • Best New Forex Broker
  • Best Performing Equity Broker
  • Major Brokerage of the Year - Non-Franchise

  • Best Equity Broking House
  • Best Equity Broker
  • Major Brokerage of the Year - Franchise


  • Best Employers Brand
  • Most Innovative Fund of the Year
  • Best Technology Platform
  • Best Forex Education Provider
  • Best Housing Finance Company
  • Best Marketing Innovator
  • Most Innovative Social Trading Platform
  • Best Assets Management Company

  • Best Customer Service Result
  • Best NBFC Company of the Year
  • Best Training and Education
  • Best Fixed Income House in India
  • Best Use of Public Relation in Financial Services Sector
  • Best Fund Manager
  • Best Diversification Platform

  • Best Capital Markets & Related NBFC
  • Depository Participant of the Year
  • Most Innovative Investment Management Company
  • Best Investment Management Company
  • Best Electronic Trading Platform
  • Fastest Growing NBFC